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As a socially responsible organization, AKI has carried out several medical camps over the last five years with the aim of raising awareness on common diseases, ailments and nutrition and at the same time offer diagnostic, treatment and referral services to the community. The medical camps also provide an opportunity to participating medical insurance companies to interact and sensitize community members of their products and services.
The medical camps bring together the insurance companies, community, medical personnel from hospitals and health facilities in and around the community.

Karagita residents treated at 2016 AKI Medical Camp

2,197 residents of Karagita settlement were given medical attention during the AKI Medical Camp on 6th August 2016 at Mirera Primary School in Naivasha.
The camp focused on both education and treatment for those in attendance. Residents were educated on diabetes, nutrition, oral health, general ailments especially respiratory conditions and infections, HIV/AIDS and Family planning. Treatment and screening was also provided for diabetes, hypertension, eye and dental check-up, cervical and prostate cancer screening and deworming was provided for all.

There were 28 cataract surgeries and 43 dental fillings done on the day. The remaining drugs were donated to Kijani Health Centre where the surgeries were taking place.

Medical Camp 2015
The 2015 Medical Camp was held on 8th August 2015 in Mwea, Kirinyaga County. The fifth edition of the medical camp was held in partnership with Kenya Diabetes Management and Information Centre (DMI) who provided the medical and logistical expertise.
The medical camp aimed to raise awareness on and treat various conditions prevalent in the area, provide medical assistance to the less fortunate in the community and educate the community of medical and social issues affecting their community. The camp also aimed to create synergies amongst medical personnel in the community.
Mwea Sub-County Referral Hospital, Kimbimbi Sub -County Hospital. and other local health facilities, Ngurubani Township Pry School teacher, Ministry of Health Oral Health Dept and members of AKI took part in the medical camp that saw a total of 1,305 catered to.

The medical camp focused on diabetes screening for those above 25 years or with risk factors, education on diabetes, hypertension screening and education, nutritional and oral health, general ailments and infections especially respiratory, eye check up, dental check up, nutritional counseling and de-worming. There was also cervical, breast and prostate cancer screening as well as VCT and family planning services.

As a whole, 25 cataracts were done, 21 dental fillings done at the Mwea Dental Clinic on 25th August and the remaining drugs were donated to the Kimbimbi Sub -County Hospital.

18 member organizations co-sponsored the medical camp;

  1. AAR Insurance Company
  2. African Merchant Assurance Co. (AMACO)
  3. APA Insurance Company
  4. Britam
  5. CFC Life Assurance Company
  6. Directline Insurance Company
  7. Fidelity Shield Insurance Company
  8. Gateway Insurance Company
  9. Heritage Insurance Company
  10. 10. ICEA LION Insurance Company
  11. Jubilee Insurance Company
  12. Kenindia Assurance Company
  13. Kenya Orient Insurance Company
  14. Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company
  15. Mayfair Insurance Company
  16. Mercantile Insurance Company
  17. Occidental Insurance Company
  18. UAP Insurance Company

Medical Camp 2014
The 2014 Medical camp was held in Ndeiya, Kiambu County on Saturday, 9th August 2014. This was the fourth medical camp that AKI organised in conjunction with Kenya Diabetes Management and Information Centre (DMI). Nairobi West Hospital donated an ambulance, while Jubilee Insurance donated drugs. A total of 2250 patients were catered to at no cost.

The camp was also co-sponsored by 19 member companies below:

  1. AAR Insurance Company Ltd
  2. Africa Merchant Assurance (AMACO)
  3. British American Insurance
  4. Corporate Insurance Co.
  5. Fidelity Shield Ins. Co.
  6. Gateway Insurance Co.
  7. Geminia Insurance Company
  8. ICEA Lion Group
  9. Jubilee Insurance Company
  10. Kenindia Assurance Co.
  11. Kenya Orient Ins. Co.
  12. Kenya Alliance Ins. Co.
  13. Madison Insurance Co.
  14. Occidental Insurance Co.
  15. Pioneer Assurance Co. Ltd
  16. Phoenix
  17. UAP
  18. CFC LIFE
  19. Mayfair Insurance Company


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